65 years ago in a three room basement apartment located at 2838 W. Washington Blvd. on the 8th day of February 1955, a flower bloomed “Unity” to the union of Rev. Albert Hayes and his wife Lela Hayes. Rev. Hayes took a dream and made it a reality. The church recorded its Charter on April 26, 1955. In 1959, after the church membership increased, Pastor Hayes purchased a storefront building located at 3458 W. 5th Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Pastor Hayes was truly a man of God who was always willing to help his fellowman in whatever capacity he could. He preached his last sermon on Sunday, January 8, 1967. His last admonishment to the church was “Go forward and stay with the Lord”, after which he shook hands with everyone present that day. Monday, January 9, 1967 Pastor Albert Hayes was called home to be with the Lord.

In April 1968, the Lord sent Rev. Frank L. Johnson to watch over His sheep, Rev. Frank L. Johnson continued to preach and teach the gospel.

Under the leadership of Pastor Johnson we moved form the 5th Avenue location and purchased a building located at 2856 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, Illinois. Pastor Johnson often reminded us to disregard what the world owes us , and concentrate on what we owe the world. He often stated that Unity was built on the solid rock of the truth and would always be a spiritual station for God. Whenever Pastor Johnson would feel the burdens of the world he would he would stand before his sermon and sing his favorite song “King Jesus Will Roll All Burdens Away”. Many Accomplishments over the next 20 years were achieved by Pastor Johnson. Friday, October 20, 1989, Pastor Frank L. Johnson was called home to be with the Lord.

In February 1990, Rev. Lawrence Cooper was elected the Pastor of Unity. As a leader, Pastor Cooper was a journalist, interpreter of current events, an author of literature, a teacher; instructing us in the truth; an executive head in our business affairs, and a pastor regenerating our society, but most of all, Pastor Cooper was a minister of God. His last sermon “God Gives Good Gifts” was preached Sunday, July 9, 1995. Sunday, July 16, 1995 Pastor Lawrence Cooper was called home to be with the Lord.

in November 1995, God blessed Unity with a young, energetic man of God. Rev. Lenell McGee, Jr. was a great teacher and preacher. Under his leadership our membership grew like never before. Pastor McGee, Jr. encouraged our member to attend Sunday school and mid-week Bible Study services. In the winter of 1997 due to the deterioration of the building, Pastor McGee, Jr. and the Unity family relocated to 4416 W. Gladys. In 1998, Pastor McGee Jr. left the Unity family and returned to his hometown in Mississippi.

In November 1998, another young and anointed man of God became the Pastor of Unity. Rev. Henry J. Holloway was no stranger to the Unity family. He fellowshipped with us since the leadership of the late Rev. Cooper and served as interim pastor after the departure of Rev. McGee, Jr. Under his leadership, several ministries were established and the church at large moved toward the higher callings of God . In September 2009, Pastor Henry J. Holloway was called to shepherd his home church, Prince of Peace MB Church, Chicago, Illinois. Our prayers are with them as they continue to do the work of our Father.

Sunday, September 5, 2010, a new era began for the Unity family. Rev Charles Williams, Jr., conducted his first service as our newly elected pastor. pastor Charles Williams Jr. was passionate and anointed man of God, whose primary goals were teaching, preaching the Word of God, and saving lost souls. Under his leadership, two ministers and two deacons were ordained. Pastor Williams’ vision for Unity included acquiring a new home, developing an outreach ministry, increasing Bible study and Sunday school attendance, and the church membership at large. His favorite quote is “Follow me as I follow Christ”. Pastor Williams & his wife, Cheryl was especially fond of the youth and “Mothers” of the church.

In February 2018, Pastor Williams’s tenure ended. Our prayer is that God Continues to bless him and his family.

On September 12, 2019 Min. Kelvin Anderson was elected as pastor of Unity and served over his first official service on October 6, 2019. We look forward to great things from an anointed man of God.

For years Unity has stood as a unified body of Christ, telling men, women, boys and girls that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.

May we continue to stand in the years to come as a living monument of a Savior who died and rose again that all men might be saved.